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School Community Council
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panel expand or collapseMessage from the Council
Chair - Jennifer Macdonald
Fundraising Coordinator - Carlene Harrison
Treasurer – Denise Cornfield-Furlong
Secretary - Mils Farmus

Thanks to all of our Macphail Families who joined us for the Hope for Haiti BBQ and Math/ Science Skills evening on June 15th! A great time was had by all and we raised @ $2000 to support the Hope for Haiti fund!

We hope everyone has a terrific summer and we will see you again in the new year!

Don't forget these simple ways to support our school fundraising initiatives.

Fundscrip Gift Cards and QSP Magazine Orders/ Renewals can be purchased by accessing the following websites:
QSP order information can be found at - - school code 3650173
Fundscript order information can be found at - - group code 6MWFLJ

panel expand or collapseOur Mission Statement
Working together to realize a positive educational and social experience in a progressive atmosphere.

panel expand or collapseSpecial Information
panel expand or collapseFundraising for Everyone
1.  SCC Collection of Grocery store tapes - Participating Grocery Stores
    * Markdale Foodland
    * Durham
    * Dundalk

2.  Campbell soup labels are collected here!Campbells Labels for education -

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panel expand or collapseWhat We Do
The five main functions of the SCC are:
1.  Work as Volunteers
2.  Provide Communication
3.  Coordinate Fundraising
4. Work with Administration and Teachers
5.  Involve the CommunityHome Page of New Container - content goes here.

panel expand or collapseSCC Projects
Winter_2011-12 558.jpg
Picture of the 2nd annual SCC Family Free skate in Flesherton.

2006 - Gazebo installation
         - Soup bowls to support the Food Program
2007 - "Nurturing Healthy Minds" initiative
2008 - Support the music program
2009 - Recreation Equipment
2010 - Library Cafe Furniture and Books
2011 - Funds directed towards class trips and phys. ed equipment for outdoor activities.  
2012 - Funds directed towards class trips and tech equipment for classrooms.
2013/14 - Funds directed towards mental health/ anti-bullying iniative; class trips and iPads for classrooms
2014/15 - Funds directed towards Nutrition Program; Literacy and Math Resources for classrooms
2015/16 - Funds directed towards Nutrition Program; Daily Physical Activity/ Physical Fitness initiatives
2016/2017 - Funds directed towards Nutrition Program; Healthy Living and Mindfulness initiatives

"If you are interested in obtaining more information about fundraising in Ontario today, the People for Education is a good site to visit

panel expand or collapseFundraising Goals
In keeping with our vision for the SCC, we are going to focus on Success for the 2015/2016 school year at Macphail.
Through funds we hope to raise we hope to be able to provide each division within the school $1000 to go DIRECTLY to school trips to support the curriculum and development of all children at Macphail.  
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